What Kind Of Questions Should I Ask Before Buying A Home?

Friday Jul 28th, 2017


When you are close to buying your new home, worries rush in before happiness. More so because of the volatile real estate scenario. It’s very normal for you to become anxious but often it grows into stress. Over a prolonged time, it affects your life. So before situation moves out of your hand, it would be wise to take a precautionary step.

What type of question should i ask before buying a home - Real Estate Agent in Brampton


What Experts Say?

Real estate experts have quite a few suggestions for house buyers. The real estate business is going high across every part of the world. Economic activities have gained momentum like never before and this is empowering  people to increase their property holdings and/ or have their first home. Here are some expert tips that you must not ignore while buying a house.


  • Buying a house is a big investment so it is good to talk to a good mortgage adviser. They would help you get mortgage loan sufficient for buying your new home.


  • When you like a house, check its locality and condition of the house. No real estate agent would tell you this. Direct channels of communication may not be that effective in getting these information. Proceed only when you are satisfied with the outcome.


  • Do not reveal your budget. Experts strictly suggest you not to disclose your budget else you may end up in a losing deal. Real estate agents may sell you a low cost property at a higher price or only try to sell you the costly homes.


  • Try to know your seller. Often mortgage lenders, real estate brokers and other agents try to create low valuations to feed their own interests. You can avoid this by having a good relationship with the seller.


Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Locking The Deal


Before you inquire outside take some time out for self-introspection. These questions are actually concerns while buying a new home broadly categorised as issues relating to offered price of the house, its condition and location. Ask yourself a few questions and only proceed when you are satisfied with the answers. Let’s take a look at what you must ask yourself.


About the offered price of the house

  • What did the house cost when the present seller bought it? This is important to know whether the price has gone up of come down. Property prices always increase but if it has decreased you must inquire why. This could warn you before buying it.
  • What was the cost of similar homes being sold in the same neighbourhood? This would help you to know whether the property is overpriced or under-priced or reasonable.
  • How long has the house been on sale and how many offers did the seller get till now? If it’s a very good property, it would have a high demand and not be in the market for a long time. If the seller get many offers then he or she may not incline to your offered price.

About the house condition

Before you decide to live in a house it is very important to be sure of its condition. So ask these questions.

  • When was the roof constructed? An old roof has chances of collapsing thus risking the lives of its inhabitants.
  • What is its type of foundation? Knowing this is particularly important for plumbing and electrical work in your house.
  • Are the walls and attic insulated? Its important so know before you buy it.

About the location

The location of your house is very important for the environment and finding basic necessities. Make suree you have an answer of the following questions before buying it.

  • What is the demography of your neighbourhood? Locals living nearby are the best to ask this question.
  • How far is the nearby school and other amenities? It is very important to have school and basic amenities like hospital, fire service, post offices, banks and others nearby. So ask before you buy.
  • What are the possible disturbances in the area? You home is supposed to offer your peace and relaxation so inquire if there are any disturbing factors like a traffic noise, stinking market or noise neighbours.

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Buying a home is a serious decision and getting answers for these questions will only help you make a better decision.

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